The Road

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I had never really bought in to that adage about how great literature can transform lives...until I read The Road. I mean, many re-readings of Martin Amis's novels have served to reinforce my cynical worldview but, that's different. "The Road", in its quiet beauty has changed the way I look at (and live in) the world. Maybe it is only temporary but no other book has quite had the impact on me that this one has. A man and his son make their way through a post-apocalyptic United States. They are hungry, scared and tired but also very determined to survive. There are not many folks left and the ones who are will kill you for your shoes. McCarthy is sketchy with the details on what has exactly transpired but, it's not really important. What's important is the man's love for his son and what he will do in order to protect him and keep him safe. In lesser hands a story like this would be nothing more than a corny Mad Max-ish adventure story but, McCarthy suffuses the story with so much underlying humanity and love that it is nearly impossible to stop reading. Believe me, there were times when I could barely get myself to pick this book back up, there are some very difficult moments, The hardship these two endure are almost too much to take. But...I always went back and, I couldn't stop reading once I came upon the final 50 pages. What happens in the end is both too sad and too happy for my words to do justice. Mr. McCarthy has written his masterpiece.

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