Darkly Dreaming Dexter & Dearly Devoted Dexter

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Click for availability and more information Click for availability and more information Darkly Dreaming Dexter & Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Morgan is probably the most over-qualified blood-spatter analyst working at the Miami-Dade police department, or anywhere for that matter, though none of his co-workers know his expertise stems from being a killer himself. But Dexter is different from other homicidal maniacs--aside from being "the best-dressed monster in Dade County" with boy-next-door good looks, disarming charm and a scalpel-sharp wit, Dexter has been imbued with a set of rules to guide his more lethal proclivities for the benefit of society while ensuring that he himself remains anonymously safe from the authorities.  His foster father Harry Morgan, a homicide cop, recognized Dexter's urge to kill at a young age, and rather than commit him to a fate of institutionalized psychiatric probing and fumbling, he taught Dexter the finer points of criminal investigative technique, social interaction and impulse control, aka "Harry's Rules".  The result?  One well-kempt, well-behaved sociopath who only preys on other killers. Compared to many living in Miami, Dexter is a model citizen.
Written with deliciously dark humor amid dastardly dismemberments and vivid vivisections, Lindsay has created a character who fascinates and amuses us, giving new life to a genre that before now had been literally "done to death". When you're finished with Lindsay's first two novels in the Dexter series, there is a third to look forward to, due out later this summer, but if you need to assuage your fix for butchered  "Barbie dolls" and "yodeling potatoes" in the meantime, you can also catch the hit television series on Showtime. Your own "Dark Passenger" is bound to be satisfied!

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