The Ruins

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I was a big fan of Scott Smith's first book, A Simple Plan, and was eager to read his second book which came out this summer, The Ruins. As Stephen King said, "The Ruins did for Mexican vacations what Jaws did for beach weekends in Long Island."  The Ruins is more of a horror thriller and it maintains its intense and unrelenting suspense through every paragraph.  Four young tourists from the United States are vacationing in Cancun before beginning jobs and graduate school.  They befriend a German tourist whose brother is working on an archaeological dig and they all decide to go visit the archeologist and the ruins where they are working.  The events which unfold are unimaginable but you are unable to leave the characters until the last page.  Reportedly Ben Stiller's production company has bought the rights to the movie, but as with any good book, the movie won't be able to capture the terror and suspense of this book.
-Kathy C.

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