The Templar Legacy

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Click for availability and more information The Templar Legacy, by Steve Berry

Yet another entry into the "what-if-this-had-happened-in-the-history-of-Christianity", Berry appears to like this genre as his last book, The Third Secret, fell into this as well. This book deals with the order of the Templars that was founded in the 12th century and lived according to the Rule, a strict, monastic-style code of life. In the 14th Century, the Templars were persecuted and largely eliminated by Philip IV, King of France with their substantial treasury taken by him.Or, was there another side to the story? Enter Steve Berry and his book.......Written in the present day setting, Cotton Mallon is the main character who becomes involved in a resurgence of the Templars and their search for their treasures that supposedly disappeared years ago.With this involvement, he learns a lot about the Templars and their history as he becomes embroiled in a grand adventure. While this might be a pure flight of fancy for some, it does prove to be a quick, enjoyable read for those who like this type of writing.

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