The Red Shoes

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About a year ago, I caught the beginning of this movie on TV. It was late, and even though I really was enjoying it, I could not stay awake past the first half hour. However, I promised myself I had to see it. I was reminded of this film back in January when I read that the lead character, the gorgeous Moira Shearer, had died. I immediately checked out the DVD, and wished I had done so sooner. This movie is visually stunning. The costumes and sets are drenched with color, probably to compete with Ms. Shearer's blazing red hair. The story, though a familiar one, is still entertaining, as the characters are well-developed. The ballet itself is a story within a story, which mirrors the main plot of the movie. The music is also wonderful - especially during the "Red Shoes Ballet" segment. Even if you're not a big ballet fan, this movie is enjoyable in its own right.

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