Chasing the Sea

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Click for availability and more information Chasing the Sea: Being a Narrative of a Journey Through Uzbekistan, Including Descriptions of Life Therein, Culminating With an Arrival at the Aral Sea, the World's Worst Man-Made Ecological Catastrophe in One Volume, by Tom Bissell

This title says it all and this book becomes a wonderfully entertaining and informative reading experience. Prior to making the trip which became the basis of this book, Bissell had served in Uzbekistan as a volunteer in the Peace Corps. That experience was, as the reader learns, not a positive experience for Bissell. However, it did give him knowledge of the country and becomes a very interesting part of the book. As Bissell travels across Uzbekistan, he sprinkles this narrative with the history of Uzbekistan as well as detailing many facets of Uzbek culture. Bissell's writing style is totally engaging, whether he is writing about Stalin's affect on the country, its history or society. When he finally reaches the Aral Sea, his story becomes tragic as he describes the huge ecological disaster of that body of water. This is a terrific book for learning about a country most know nothing about, with the bonus of meeting an author who has an absolutely talented way to write and make this story so readable.

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