The Virgin's Lover

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Click for availability and more information The Virgin's Lover, by Philippa Gregory

The third in a trilogy about the Tudors (The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen's Fool being the first two books), this book will delight and entertain as the others have. Set in the first part of Elizabeth I's reign, The Virgin's Lover concerns Elizabeth's moves to consolidate her power as Queen and head of the Church of England. Personally, she has embarked on an affair with Robet Dudley. This is a doomed relationship since Dudley is married and his wife Amy Robsart Dudley will not divorce her husband. As Amy wanders from being the guest as various homes in England, Robert carries out his affair with Elizabeth. The detail is wonderfully plentiful as the reader gets an intimate view of Elizabeth's court and its political and personal intrigues. Gregory is a fine writer and creates the Elizabethan Tudor world with vigor and a thoroughly enjoyable style. This is highly recommended with the added advice of reading this series in historical order - The Other Boleyn Girl and then The Queen's Fool before The Virgin's Lover

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