The Last Kingdom

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The much-admired historical novelist Bernard Cornwell's saga The Last Kingdom goes back in time and place to Anglo Saxon Britain. As a page turner it's just right. The year is A.D. 866 Northumbria. Uhtred, just a boy, is captured by Danish chieftain Earl Ragnar, who raises him as his own. Viking life agrees with Uhtred. As he grows into manhood he struggles with divided loyalties-the warrior mentor he loves like a father, and the pious and learned Alfred, King of Wessex. Alfred is struggling to reclaim the kingdoms of Northumbria, Mercia and East Anglia, all held by the Danes, and reunite them with the lands under his control in the south. In the end of course, we don't call Alfred "great" for nothing. He charged back from the last outpost of Anglo-Saxon culture to best the ferocious Vikings -- both in battle and with keen diplomacy. He accomplishes all this with Uhtred, returned to the fold, by his side. The Last Kingdom is steeped in drama, gory battles, and historical consequence and is a great visit to ninth century Brittain.

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