Texas Hold 'Em

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Click for availability and more information Texas Hold 'Em, by Kinky Friedman

Want to read a great book that will expand your mind with quirky information and useless trivia? Texas Hold 'Em, by Kinky Friedman does just that! This hilarious peek into the life of camp counselor, former country music star, and Texas Monthly columnist is quite a switch from your average read. Nicknamed the "High Priest of the Prairie", Kinky dispenses words of wisdom about the great State of Texas, Willie Nelson, and how a happy childhood is the worst possible preparation for real life. Kinky is actually able to rationalize how Texas Hold 'Em, like life, is more than just a card game; it's how to play a poor hand well. With chapters entitled "Tex my Ride", "You Know You're From Texas If...", or "If the 10 Commandments were written by a Texan" poke fun at the residents of the Lone Star State, and explain why Willy Nelson calls Kinky Friedman the "Mother Teresa of Literature". The personal stories that Kinky relates from his journey through life are riveting, with just the right dose of humor. Just when you think Kinky has done it all, he now has thrown his hat into the ring and is running for Governor of Texas. In a chapter called "See Kinky Run", you read about Kinky's campaign slogan (Why the Hell not!), and his fight to stop the "wussification" of Texas. Kinky sees himself as a phoenix that will rise and shine, and bring back the glory of Texas! An interesting book about a quirky individual!

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