Rasputin's Daughter

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Click for availability and more information Rasputin's Daughter, by Robert Alexander

Most people who know me know that I am utterly obsessed with all things Russian. So, it should come as no surprise that I would recommend this book. This is not just a lame novel that poorly incorporates the Russian Revolution into some hackneyed story. This is a fictionalized account of Rasputin's last months from the point of view of his oldest daughter, Varvara. Mr. Alexander has done his research well and incorporates parts of Varvara's biography of her father, as well as her autobiography (Yes, she was a real person!) If you liked Mr. Alexander's previous work, The Kitchen Boy, about the execution of the Romanovs and a fictional escape by the Tsarevich Alexei, you will love this one. My one gripe - that the picture on the cover is of Grand Duchess Tatiana - but that's pretty minor.

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