Prayers for the Dead

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Click for availability and more information Prayers for the Dead, by Faye Kellerman

This reviewer has finally read a Faye Kellerman book and this title is a very pleasurable reading experience. First published in the late 1990's, Prayers for the Dead features the LAPD detective Peter Decker and his wife Rena Lazarus, who are a very interesting couple. Decker becomes involved with a gristly murder in a parking lot of a restaurant - the victim being a very prominent Los Angeles doctor. From there, Kellerman builds a twisting tale involving the victim's family - many of whom have good reason to wish the doctor dead. At the center are Decker and his wife, who, oddly enough, has a direct relationship with this family. For readers who enjoy a good murder mystery with many possible suspects, this is a lively story that keeps moving along. Rena herself is an interesting character - a devoutly Jewish woman who has direct experience with a son of the victim. And, her observations play a key role in the solving of this mystery. This highly recommended books will entice readers to read more of Faye Kellerman.

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