Building Greenwich: architecture and design, 1640 to the present


Holy Granite on High Ground

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Click for availability and more information Building Greenwich: architecture and design, 1640 to the present, by Rachel Carley
Holy Granite on High Ground, by Ralph E. Ahlberg

Greenwich Library has added two new books to its collection, each offering a unique view of Greenwich history from a new perspective:

Building Greenwich: Architecture and Design, 1640 to Present (Konecky; 2005) by Rachel Carley, and commissioned by The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich, provides an analysis of architectural styles which changed as Greenwich changed. Significant historical events become important footnotes as prominent structures are described in great detail. Ms. Carley shows how Greenwich Avenue changed over time, and she takes great care to describe the modern architecture predominant in back country. Color photographs, postcards, sketches and artwork complement the informative text. This book helps to bring the local history of Greenwich up-to-date.

Holy Granite on High Ground (Greenwich Publishing; 2005) by Ralph E. Ahlberg was commissioned by the Second Congregational Church to commemorate its 300th anniversary. It documents how the church (and town) changed from its founding until today. Reverend Ahleberg describes key figures associated with the church, and provides a useful timeline. The book is beautifully illustrated with colorful photographs, sketches and artwork. It is not at all "preachy", but tells the story of the church and town in a surprisingly objective manner. This is another great resource for local history research.

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