The Outer Limits

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The original 1963-65 Outer Limits television series was one of the coolest & scariest SF/horror anthology programs ever produced. With stark, brooding black & white photography, bizarre creatures & situations, and a sense of morality tinged with cynicism, the "Limits" created a world of mystery & suspense all it's own. Episodes such as "The Galaxy Being" (where an intelligent but radioactive alien is accidentally brought to a hostile Earth), "O.B.I.T." (about aliens spying on & undermining morale at a government research base) and "The Sixth Finger" (a scientist's efforts to advance Man's evolutionary process almost ends in tragedy for the planet) both entertained audiences and provoked thought about how our lives really run. The 32 first season episodes have been collected on four DVD discs for interested audiences. Yes, there are clunkers ("Tourist Attraction" & "ZZZZ" come to mind), but you won't be bored. AND you get to see up-and-coming unknowns like Robert Culp, Martin Landau, Leonard Nimoy, Sally Kellerman, Bruce Dern, Robert Duvall and a very young Martin Sheen appear.

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