Mindfield: new & selected poems

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Click for availability and more information Mindfield: new & selected poems, by Gregory Corso

"Budger of history Brake of time You Bomb" Gregory Corso (1930-2001) was one of the original "Beat Generation" figures alongside the likes of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg & William S. Burroughs in the 1950s, when his jazz-accented works such as "Bomb", "Marriage" and "Greenwich Village Suicide" were published. Over the decades, owing to alcohol & drug addiction, Corso's subsequent output was erratic and he currently appears to be regarded as a footnote in American poetry. While fans like myself wait for Corso's status to improve in the field of letters, let me recommend the collection Mindfield: new & selected poems. Much of the author's best work appears here, as well as forewords by Ginsberg & Burroughs analyzing Corso's style. More recently, such writers as Patti Smith have begun openly acknowledging Corso's influence on their own works.

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