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Scottish-born Beat author Alexander Trocchi's Cain's Book may just seem like another tale of a doomed drug addict's plight like Trainspotting , but the novel's tone quickly shifts to its own drumbeat. The book's main character, barge pilot & smack addict Joe Necchi (Trocchi in disguise), sifts through the seedy world of junkies & hustlers in New York yet despite the cost to his personal life somehow manages to enrich his artistic talents as a writer & artist. Necchi/Trocchi makes no apologies for his addiction (nor does he glamorize it either) and remains defiant to the end, a malcontent like the Biblical character Cain. No "cold turkey" redemptive/happy ending here. Compelling, brutal & raw, especially in it's scenes depicting drug use & sex. Not for small children.

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