The Innocent

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If you haven't already gotten hooked on the thrillers of Harlan Coben, (Tell No One, Gone for Good, Just One Look, No Second Chance) then don't read his latest book, The Innocent unless you're ready to run back to the library to check out his previous books. Coben's books are the equivalent of a roller coaster ride, you know the dips and turns are coming but you're never prepared for them. Matt Hunter is attempting to live a quiet life in New Jersey as a paralegal and put his past behind him. When he was a college student he was convicted of manslaughter when he accidentally killed another student while attempting to break up a fight. After being released from prison he began working for his attorney brother, got married and is now in the process of closing on his first house. His pregnant wife Olivia is supposed to be away on a business trip, but Matt receives a digital video of her in a hotel room with a strange man on his camera phone. As if that isn't stressful enough, he is being investigated in the murder of a nun who was a former exotic dancer. As evidence mounts again him he has to be several steps in front of the police to keep from returning to prison.
-Kathy C.

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