All the Men in the Sea

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Click for availability and more information All the Men in the Sea, by Michael Krieger

All the Men in the Seaby Michael Krieger is the exciting true-life story of the 1995 rescue of more than 200 men from a work barge sinking in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Roxanne. Although it is technical in spots, it provides interesting accounts of the experiences of many of the survivors. Since the crew is behind schedule in completing the installation of an oil pipeline, company officials decide to have the barge "ride out" the storm instead of seeking safe harbor. The barge survives the first passing of Roxanne, but the hurricane does a u-turn, and the barge is pounded again by 40-foot waves. Massive leaks develop, the barge begins to list and the crew is ordered to abandon ship. Only the heroic efforts of the crews on 3 small tugboats (who risk their own lives) can save the men forced to jump into the angry seas.

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