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John Scofield: Uberjam Deux

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scobaby.jpgI make a point of listening to every album John Scofield releases and his most recent offering is no exception.   If you are familiar with 2002's Uberjam, you might expect the second installment , Uberjam Deux, to be another funk manifesto with samples and programming to the fore.   While that is true to an extent, for those seeking the Scofield release closest in spirit and sound to Uberjam, you would be best served by picking up 2003's Up All Night.  "U2", on the other hand. is altogether less cybernetic sounding than its namesake and correspondingly more soulful.  The grooves are still the thing, but they tend to be slinkier and more relaxed, particularly on cuts like "Al Green Song" (natch), "Dub Dub" (ditto) "Boogie Stupid", "Scotown" and "Just Don't Want to be Lonely".  

The personnel on this album comprises John Scofield, guitar; Avi Bortnick, guitar and samples ; Andy Hess, bass ; Adam Deitch, Louis Cato, drums  and  "special guest"  John Medeski on organ, Wurlitzer & Mellotron.  Bortnick, Deitch and Medeski are alumnae of the first Uberjam disc.   A constant throughout both releases is Scofield's pungent, frequently surprising guitar playing, with trademark wide intervallic leaps, bends, dissonances and apposite noises, for lack of a better term.   Both "Cracked Ice" and "Snake Dance" feature his impressive up tempo blowing.  Avi Bortnick complements the leader beautifully with unerringly tasteful rhythm guitar parts.  The opening cut, "Camelus" is a prime example of their chemistry.   I first encountered Adam Deitch on the earlier Uberjam and was bowled over by the funkiness and precision of his drumming.   Given that both parents played drums professionally, he seems to have been predestined for eminence in (one of) his chosen field(s)*.   The other holdover from Uberjam sessions of a 2002, John Medeski , of Medeski, Martin & Woods, contributes spare but potent keyboards to many of the tracks but only takes one brief, albeit appealingly menacing, solo on "Dub Dub".

Over the years, John Scofield has given pretty free rein to his exploratory impulses and consequently touch on a wide variety of styles; from fusion, to more mainstream jazz, from N'Awlins second line funk to techno funk, as well as gospel, old school R&B and quiet orchestral settings for his more pensive guitar musings.  Then there is his work with Miles Davis, which resists easy categorization.  In this context, Uberjam Deux, while not his most innovative record, is a whole lot of fun.  Some folks might even find it to be suitable as a party disc.  It's sure to set toes a-tappin'.

 Now, can someone tell me what relation the album's cover art bears to its contents?

* Adam Deitch is also a noted record producer.

Free(gal) Music Downloads!

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Freegal logo.pngIf you have a computer based music system at home, or if your listening is done almost exclusively on a portable device, Freegal is a great way to expand your collection and horizons.   All you  need is a library card from either Greenwich or Perrott Library, which will enable you to download up to three music files per week via the Digital Music link on the Greenwich Library website.   It is not necessary to install a download manager for this process, as Freegal works through your browser.   The music files you receive are DRM (Digital Rights Management) free MP3s and will play on iPods and Android players as well as your desktop computer.   Once you have downloaded a song, it is yours to keep.  When you reach your weekly limit, you can place additional files on your "Wishlist" for subsequent downloading. 

What Freegal offers is access to the Sony Musical Entertainment catalog.  Sony is one of the three major record labels that currently dominate commercial recorded music.  Music owned by the other two majors, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group are not available through Freegal.  Even so, Freegal is a treasure trove of music in all genres.   The roster of artists who have spent most or a significant portion of their careers linked to CBS/Columbia/Sony or currently affiliated labels, among them RCA, Epic and Arista, includes iconic figures such as Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Glenn Gould, Paul Simon,  Simon & Garfunnkel, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Barbra Streisand, George Jones, Chet Atkins, Dave Brubeck, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Bruce Springsteen,  Sly Stone, Henry Mancini, Britney Spears, Mahalia Jackson, Coleman Hawkins, Tony Bennett, Benny Goodman, Michael Jackson, Bessie Smith, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein, Sam Cooke, The Byrds, Tito Puente, Eugene Ormandy, Duke Ellington, James Taylor, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Glenn Miller,  Janis Joplin and Johnny Mathis.   Virtually all of the music that these and other artists recorded for labels in the Sony Musical Entertainment catalog is available from Freegal.

If your tastes run to currently popular artists who have not yet attained the legendary stature of the performers above, Freegal enables you to download the latest recordings by, among many others, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Adele, Marc Anthony, The Civil Wars, Chris Botti, John Mayer, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Brad Paisley, Sara Bareilles, Pitbull, Train, Mumford and Sons, Shakira, Foo Fighters, Nas, Britney Spears, Glee Cast, Harry Connick , Jr., Kenny Chesney, Kelly Clarkson, and Alicia Keys.  

If you have specific questions relating to Freegal that have not been addressed above, connect to the site from our Digital Music link and log in using your library card number.  Then click on the FAQ link at the top of the page.   Or, you can begin exploring Freegal by either browsing this vast database by genre or searching by artist, album, song title or composer, to locate music to add to your own digital collection.  Enjoy!

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