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Louis Armstong: An Appreciation

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So what do you know when you're 13?  1964 was the year I reached that age and "Hello Dolly", Satchmo's only No. 1 hit, was omnipresent on AM radio.   I regarded (still do) the song as a bore and if I gave any thought to its singer's place in the historical scheme of things, it was to dismiss him as irrelevant, as the music of the British Invasion became ascendant.  Accordingly, I decided to play drums, not trumpet or some other relic of pop music's quaint past.

Fortunately, this delusional state of mind did not persist and, like members of earlier generations, I came to love the man's music and later, to venerate "Pops" for the colossal impact he has had on American culture.

During the month of October at Greenwich Library, you will have the opportunity to explore, in depth, Louis's legacy.   World class musicians will play music associated with "Satch", eminent scholars and critics will discuss the various facets of his genius and rare historical footage will enable you see him in action.  For details of the specific events please visit Louis Armstrong Month, or call 203 622 7930.


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