A Music Librarian's Manifesto

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It's a familiar image: A guy looks into a mirror and is confronted by his father staring back at him. It seems I, too, am turning into my father. For the purposes of this discussion I will limit my observations to my tastes in music, but the phenomenon holds true for other aspects of my identity, such as turns of phrase Dad employed throughout his life, which I have now adopted.

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The evolution of my listening preferences is not, of course, something I regard with dismay. How could I, when the change affords me much broader horizons of discovery for such an important part of my life as music? However, I do feel regret that this development occurred too late for me to be able to share more in the way of musical insights with my father. For the record, Dad's musical tastes ran to French Impressionism and Russian composers of the 20th Century, though hardly exclusively. Mine currently encompass these styles and just about any other orchestral or chamber music composed since 1900. That is to say, a plurality of new (to me) music I listen to fits this description. Contemporary jazz runs a close second. So this is the music I currently find most rewarding. Accordingly, of the music I will be discussing in this space, most will be either relatively recently composed music in the western classical tradition, or jazz. I should point out that my affection for the rock, r&b and pop of the 60's, 70's and 80's is undiminished. So if hitherto unheard studio recordings by, say, Traffic, Laura Nyro, Steely Dan or Prince are unearthed, I may feel compelled to weigh in with my $.02. Also, you can expect a fair number of blogs relating to specific musical events at the Library.

 I am fortunate in being able able to indulge my musical curiosity to pretty much its full extent because of my daily proximity to Greenwich Library's collection of recorded music, including our CD collection and Naxos Music Library streaming audio website.  NML is available via the Library's Digital Music web page. More to follow.


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