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Aging does not begin when you get a Medicare Card -- it begins when you are born! Whether you're 35, 55, 85 or beyond -- you need to hear what renowned Geriatrician Dr. Mark Lachs has to say about the secrets of aging and assuring the highest possible quality of life at any age. 

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Dr. Lachs is Co-chief of Geriatrics at NY Presbyterian Hospital and Director of Cornell's Center for Aging Research. He has pioneered and authored a multitude of research studies and published extensively in the field of aging. He is the author of the bestselling book on aging, Treat Me, Not My Age

This is the first of a series on aging sponsored by Greenwich Library, The Commission on Aging, At Home in Greenwich and CompassCare.

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On Tuesday, October 27, Dr. Mark Christian, Professor and Chair, Dept. of African and African American Studies, Lehman College - CUNY, moderated a panel examining the issues of race, identity, and perception in Americanah. Panelists included Dr. David Canton, Interim Dean and Associate Professor of History, Connecticut College; Ben Talton, Associate Professor of History, Temple University; and Dr. Tracey Walters, Associate Professor and Chair, Dept. of Africana Studies, Stony Brook - SUNY. 

At the beginning of this event the winners of the Rotary Club's Greenwich Reads Together Student Essay Contest were presented with their awards. The Middle School and High School award-winners read excerpts from their moving and thought-provoking essays. The panel discussion begins at 14 minutes into the recording.

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Podcast: Americanah Editor Robin Desser, GRT15

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In this special Greenwich Reads Together event, Robin Desser, Vice President and Editorial Director at Knopf, discussed her personal experience editing the 2015 GRT selection, Americanah. With warmth and humor Desser spoke about how she chooses authors and books and on the future of publishing. She was joined in conversation by Dr. Ernie Fleishman, former Greenwich Superintendent of Schools and former Senior Vice President of Education and Corporate Relations at Scholastic. 

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Podcast: Geraldine Brooks, October 2015

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Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks spoke at Greenwich Library in October 2015 as part of AuthorsLive, cosponsored with the JCC Greenwich. The Australian-born Brooks confessed to struggling to find the 'voice' of her narrator for The Secret Chord. In an interview with The Australian, Brooks says, "If somebody from the past doesn't rise up from the grave and start talking to me, I haven't got a book." In response to a patron's question about speech and dialogue, she declared that the challenge of creating dialogue for 3,000-year-old characters, with so little to guide her historically, was one she particularly enjoyed. She ended up taking a unique approach, combining the austerity of biblical Hebrew with the 'unadorned' directness of modern Israelis.

Brooks is famed for exploring the meaning of faith and religion in everyday life. In The Secret Chord, Brooks uses some of the best-known episodes of King David's life to do what she does best, weave the nuance of religion into the weft of irresistible dramatic narrative.

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Podcast: Judy Blume, June, 2015

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The very engaging Judy Blume (with Stephanie Anderson) spoke at Greenwich Library in June as part of AuthorsLive, cosponsored with the JCC of Greenwich. Blume confessed that her favorite book at age four was Madeline, which she "permanently" borrowed from her local library without her mother's knowledge.  Blume, famed for her adolescent literature, has also written four adult books, including her latest novel, In the Unlikely Event, a story from her own teen years which she felt compelled to write. Readers will enjoy the story of three families and three generations set against a true series of 'unlikely events' that took place in Blume's hometown in 1951. 

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A browser other than Chrome is recommended if streaming.

Podcast: Richard Ford, January 2015

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Distinguished writer Richard Ford spoke at Greenwich Library on January 28. Ford's acclaimed new book, Let Me Be Frank With You, is his fourth work of fiction chronicling the life of Frank Bascombe, hero of the novels The Sportswriter, Independence Day, and The Lay of the Land. In person, Ford is wry and genuinely humorous - you get the sense from hearing him talk that he regularly flouts convention. And indeed, as a youth he 'borrowed' cars and reveled in being caught. His slight twang and thoughtful responses charmed Greenwich Library patrons, many of whom were Frank Bascombe fans looking for deeper insight into one of their favorite literary characters and authors. Ford did not disappoint. 

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Podcast: NBC Executive Producer Jim Bell, 10/20

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As a veteran of 11 Olympics, Jim Bell is uniquely positioned to discuss how politics affect the Olympic Games. Bell gave Greenwich Library patrons an insider's perspective on propaganda, politics, and how individual Olympic athlete narratives are conceived and created. Accompanied and illustrated by Olympic footage over the years, Bell shared his personal insights on the challenges of covering the Olympics since his first Olympics in Barcelona in 1992. He also shared his thoughts (aka unconfirmed rumors) on where the next Olympic games might be held...but you'll have to listen in for that!

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The 2014 Greenwich Reads Together finale event featured bestselling author Daniel James Brown who spoke about The Boys in the Boat to a 'sold out' crowd. Thousands of Greenwich residents read this virally popular GRT non-fiction title and attended special events and discussion groups. Brown, a compassionate and often humorous speaker provided some background flavor as to how he met protagonist Joe Rantz, the depression era hardworking 'boy' who finally learned to trust. While many themes run through the book, he pointed out that the primary theme is humility and that it is only by being somewhat humble that individuals can achieve great things - in sports, politics, work and life. Brown, humble despite his success, clearly lives what he writes.

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Greenwich natives and Brunswick/Harvard/Oxford alums Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss spoke about their illustrious rowing career on October 14 at Greenwich Library as part of Greenwich Reads Together.  Moderated by Greenwich attorney and longtime rower and builder of shells Miles McDonald, the Winklevoss twins shared stories about their Olympic experience and how the sport of rowing has infused, inspired and driven their business and personal lives.

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New York Times best selling author and economic policy expert Steve Forbes and co-author Elizabeth Ames discussed their new book, Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy - and What We Can Do About It with an enthralled crowd during AuthorsLive@Greenwich Library in September. Forbes, a natural and entertaining speaker discussed how a return to a gold standard could fix just about everything that is wrong with America, except the Yankees. He recommended that non-professionals invest retirement money in index funds and resist the urge to 'eat the fudge out of the fridge at midnight', e.g., the temptation to make idiotic investment decisions in order to one-up your neighbor at the next cocktail party. 

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