New Device For Visually Impaired Patrons

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Greenwich Library is pleased to announce that it has acquired The Ruby, a handheld video magnifier that enhances small print.


Ruby1.bmpRecently, patrons who needed assistance reading DVD or CD cases or any other small print had to rely on magnifying glasses. With The Ruby, the text is displayed on a brightly lit 4.3 inch screen and can be magnified without any distortion of traditional magnifying glasses. Some visually impaired patrons will benefit from The Ruby's contrast mode which reverses the color of the background and the text.


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The Ruby will be available to all patrons with valid identification at the second floor reference desk outside the Flinn Gallery. This acquisition is part of the Library's continuing objective to provide easy and efficient access for all community residents through adaptive technology and a rich variety of formats and services.

In addition to The Ruby, Greenwich Library has other devices to assist the visually impaired: SARA (Scanning and Reading Appliance) is a scanner which enables the reading of a wide variety of printed material including books, documents, mail, newspapers, and magazines for those with low vision, blind or deaf-blind. It is available at the first floor Reference Desk. The Optelec Spectrum Magnifier, is a closed circuit television apparatus that uses a camera to magnify or reduce print on books and documents that a patron needs to read. It is located on the second floor by the Audiobook section. A similar device, the VideoEye Millennium, is located on the first floor Periodicals section.

For more information, please call Ed Morrissey at (203) 622-7918 or visit his blog at Ed's Blog. Remember, you can follow Greenwich Library on Twitter @GWLibrary or find us on Facebook by searching Greenwich Library.

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