Prepare for the Holidays with Greenwich Library!

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Getting ready for the holidays has never been easier with the Greenwich Library at your service. Start by borrowing a few festive DVDs or CDs to get you in the mood. Next, find out what the experts have to say about the latest gadget gifts in Consumer Reports.

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Kicking it old school? The Library has a bounty of books on making just about any homemade gift imaginable. In fact, bring the kids to the Main Children's Room to create holiday crafts all month.

Your turn to entertain this year? We have books on party planning, party decorating and party people. And kick the whole affair up a notch by finding delicious new recipes in one of the latest cookbooks.

But what if you're heading for the hills this holiday?

Winter Country Landscape.jpgGet the skinny on your vacation destination in the most recent travelogues. And don't forget to download a book or two  for those long trips to Grandma's house. Speaking of family gatherings, we have plenty of Self Help books to prepare you for those annual reunions. Let Greenwich Library be your personal resource for a spectacular holiday this year!


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