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Greenwich Library invites the public to view the Community Survey results on its website. This spring, over 5,580 residents completed the Survey, sharing their views and ideas about Greenwich Library's services and priorities. To view the full report, please click here.

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The Survey revealed several key takeaways:

  • 90% of respondents agreed that providing materials such as books, magazines and digital resources is the most important service the Library offers. Demand for both print and digital resources is strong. o Accordingly, 92% of respondents said they would like to see the Library focus its investments on book and other print resources, with the second priority being CDs and DVDs (52%).
  • Providing technology and materials for people who otherwise might not have access was ranked as the second priority of Survey respondents. The Library plays a key role in ensuring that all community members can access the tools and information they need to function effectively in this time of rapidly evolving technology.
  • Promoting literacy among children and adults was listed as the third priority of respondents, which demonstrates support for early childhood literacy programs, as well as programs for adults such as AuthorsLive@GreenwichLibrary, an ongoing author series and Greenwich Reads Together, the community-wide reading experience.
  • Survey respondents' messages about library programming were mixed. Programming was ranked as a lower priority than other options, but when asked what would make them use the Library more, a number of respondents (both Library users and non-users) requested changes and enhancements to programming above all else.

"We are very pleased with the strong response to the Community Survey," said Jenny Baldock, President of the Greenwich Library Board of Trustees. "The results provide an excellent source of information to advance the Library's Strategic Planning process."

Greenwich Library has already incorporated a number of service requests noted in the Community Survey. Since 83% of respondents indicated they would like to be contacted via email, staff has launched a bi-weekly enewsletter which highlights collections and services, as well as programs. The Library has begun sending all borrowing notices by email, as well. A staff programming committee has been organized to review current programs and make recommendations. The committee's goal is to plan programs that promote and extend the collections, services and mission of Greenwich Library. A new column has been added to Keep Posted, the Library's monthly newsletter, highlighting key collections to better educate patrons about available resources. The Library has convened several task forces to address issues identified in the Survey, such as a team which will implement self pick-up of reserves.

The Survey is one building block in Greenwich Library's Strategic Planning process. Other steps have included hiring library consultant Maureen Sullivan and forming a Strategic Planning committee. In order to better understand the present and future needs of patrons, the Library held community conversations at all three locations and conducted a staff survey and retreat. For more information about the Strategic Plan or to view the Community Survey results, please visit

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lots of people speeding in the parking lot,slow down !! is the library you are parking at!!!,also lots of people desperate for a parking spot,they don't even wait for someone to pull out of the spot and they already moving in their car!! geez! i wonder why they go to the library? obviously is not to get educated!,also lots of people tossing their receipts on the floor of the front door ,there is a big trashcan outside why not tossing it there??

Thank you for your comment. We will look into this situation.

Is the fee paid by the Greenwich Library and/or the Town of Greenwich to Berk, the consultants used for this stategy project, a matter of public record?

Thank you for your comment. All Strategic Planning costs were paid with private funds.

Stratford Library often has play readings, as simple as several actors (or volunteers) sitting around a table, or with movement, entrances and a few props to add to the story. These are enjoyable and relaxed sessions which make the plays come alive in the spoken word. Seems like a fun and affordable opportunity for Greenwich Library to open its doors to more patrons.

The survey feedback is a clear sign to me that the "book" as we know it isn't going away anytime soon, despite the rising popularity of eBooks. Demand is there for both formats, and like many technologies of the present and past, I believe demand for each will co-exist for quite some time (decades, at least).

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