Greenwich Library launches new teen book club

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With the popularity of Young Adult titles soaring, Greenwich Library is giving teens an opportunity to convene and share their opinions on their favorite books and adaptations at the YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club.

Designed for high school-age students, the YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club will meet monthly starting Wednesday, February 9, at 4 p.m., in Greenwich Library's Teen Central area on the second floor.

"Right now the two most popular genres of books that students like to read are science fiction and fantasy," Librarian Ed Morrissey said. "That's where Greenwich Library's YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club comes in. Members get together once a month to talk about specific titles that include relatable characters, engaging story lines and messages that cause teens to wrestle with the difficult questions of what it means to be a young adult."

Popular Young Adult titles/series such as The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, The Last Apprentice, Leviathan and City of Bones are among the most circulated books in the Library, as well as appearing on various best-seller lists. Participants in the book discussion will choose the topics for the initial and upcoming meetings.

For more information, please call Ed Morrissey at (203) 622-7918.

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