Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit at Greenwich Library

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Chinese New Year.JPGRing in the Chinese New Year when the Greenwich Library celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with performances from the Huaxia Edison Dance Troupe and the Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts Academy on Sunday, February 13, at 2 pm, in the Cole Auditorium.

Fresh off their 10th anniversary celebration, the Huaxia Edison Dance Troupe will reveal the beauty of Chinese folk dancing, which is enriched with the cultures of the 56 Chinese ethnic groups. The New Jersey-based troupe consists mostly of working mothers that learn and practice various types of Chinese folk dances every Sunday while their children are in the Huaxia Chinese School.

The Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts Academy specializes in WuShu, which is more commonly known as Kung Fu, the Chinese term for martial arts. The character Wu, which means "martial," is composed of two parts: Zhi, which means "to stop," and Ge, which means "to fight." Therefore, "stop fighting" is the basic tenet of Chinese martial arts moral principle.

Chinese Martial Arts is not only for military training, but also serves the purposes of health, character development, and discipline. Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts emphasizes both traditional and modern training methods for external and internal styles.

The program is appropriate for all ages. No registration required. For more information, please call Yang Wang at (203) 622-7924.

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