Greenwich Library to Implement Print Management System


Thumbnail image for printer1_0.jpgStarting September 8, Greenwich Library will begin charging for printing from public access computers to reduce paper and toner costs and give patrons better control of their printing.

"A print management system will help defray costs for paper and toner and reduce recycling costs due to the amount of wasted paper printed every day," said Library Director Carol Mahoney.

"Patrons will pay to print their own materials so they will be more conscious about the number of pages they want to purchase. Many libraries report that the volume of printing decreases between 30 percent and 70 percent as patrons begin to use the 'print preview' function and print only what they need," said Mahoney.

"We want to be environmentally conscious and responsible stewards of Town resources during a time when budgets are tight," said Mahoney.

The Library will charge 10 cents per page for black and white printing and 50 cents for color printing from Library computers, which is consistent with the charges for photocopying printed materials. As more information becomes available in electronic form, patrons are choosing to print research material from online references rather than photocopy printed material.

"We encourage patrons to find alternatives to printing such as saving their documents to a flash drive, using Google Docs to create and share work online or emailing files to a computer at home or office," said Mahoney.

 Patrons who choose to print from the public access computers will be able to view their printing options and costs before actually printing their document. They will then go to a print release station and retrieve their print jobs. They will pay for each printing job at a coin box adjacent to the print release stations.

Release stations will be available on all three floors at the Main Library and there will be a release station located at the Byram Shubert and Cos Cob branches. Printing is not currently available via the wireless network. Library staff members are trained to answer questions about the print management system and to assist patrons.


There should be a break for students and seniors. Not everyone in Greenwich is wealthy.

I agree with Mr. Bob. It was sad too see so much paper wasted every single day. Those minimal charges will definitely make people more conscious about it.

I know many people have abused the library's generosity with its free printing. But, kbnow this: Many users, and probably the worst abusers, atr NOT from Greenwich. Even as I type thiese words, the customer parking-lot has 6-9 cars with New York license plates on them. This is commomon -- there always are out-of-town vehivcles parked in the libt=raru's parking lot, I can't imagine ALL drivers aer headed for non-library destinations.

Free printing worked for a long time. Now the libraryu'
s being invaded, but it's not fair that Town residents pay for that.

another thing to achieve less paper wasted is a limit on how many pages are free to each person/day. This would acieve that aim and keep free printing available.

Thank you for your comment. The print management system asks the user to create a unique identifier when printing to protect privacy. This identifier is not connected to your library account, therefore it is not possible to give each patron free printed pages. In the future, system upgrades may allow us to do that.

It's about time! I see too much wasted paper from people throwing out half their print jobs. Good for Greenwich Library for being more environmentally-conscious.

Here is the library trying to jump on the "Green Market" conquest. While I do not mind if they charge money, I am put off as I find this rational fraudulent.
If the Greenwich library wanted to be environmentally conscious they could start by at least using recycled paper.

Really being honest, it is JUST about budgets being tight- when the economy resurges, will Greenwich Library get rid of this? What about those unable to cover these charges who do not have funds to get a flash drive??

Russ: We do make flash drives available for our patrons to use. Next time you need one just ask at the Reference Desk. Don’t forget to return it though. Also, Google Docs. allows you to upload documents to their servers for use at another time. You just have to set up an account with them.

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