'Fiction' by Stephen Dietz

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fiction.jpgGreenwich Library will present Fiction by Stephen Dietz on Saturday, September 13 at 2:00 p.m. in the Cole Auditorium. The play is a production of M&M Productions Acting Company. Larry Schneider of Greenwich will direct.

Dietz makes excellent use of language in this stunning play. Fiction examines the 20 year marriage of two writers, two diaries, and the secrets the couple harbors and ultimately shares. It's quick, witty and sharply-honed dialogue probes and pokes at the essence of how each of us can so easily subvert the truth and begin to believe our own manufactured deceits.

Linda is the author of one novel, critically acclaimed and commercially unviable. With death from cancer looming just ahead, she asks her husband, Michael, to read her personal journals after she's gone. In return, Michael must allow her the opportunity to read his before she departs.

Unlike Linda, Michael is a prolific writer of commercially successful pulp fiction. Michael's private writings, stored in a Pandora's box of sorts, tell of a decade-long affair with Abby, a young woman who, as it turns out, has played an important role in both writers' lives. But don't believe everything you read: nothing in life is an open book. And as Linda points out, "A secret, like a disease, is a very human thing. It hides inside you. Discovers where you are most vulnerable. And then it hurts you."

Witty, sharply-honed, and rapid-fire dialogue combine with cleverly conceived twists, turns, and secrets to produce a fascinating play that explores the blurred lines that separate fact from fiction and back again.

Schneider also directed the well received production of Three Tall Women at Greenwich Library. The actors are Edward Herman, Carly Lichtenstein and Daphne Platt.

M&M is a mobile theatrical troupe which works in conjunction with YCP TheaterWorks, a 46 year-old community theatre company. Its co-founders, Melinda O'Brien and Michael J. Muldoon, developed the Library Theatre Series to bring quality, live theatre into intimate settings. They have performed in more than 50 venues in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties, Connecticut and New Jersey. Fiction is the company's fifth performance at Greenwich Library.

The show is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Alice Bonvenuto at 203-622-7919.

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