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This blog is designed to keep readers apprised of historical events and places in Greenwich.  It will alert them to important dates in the history of the town.  On the same token, it will provide information about upcoming events (genealogical training, celebrations, programs, etc.) that history buffs may want to attend.  It will be updated each week.

The blog is maintained by Carl White, the Local History and Genealogy Librarian at Greenwich Library.  Carl has a BA in Earth Science, an MBA in Marketing and an MLS.   He and his family belong to the Greenwich Experimental Theater.  He enjoys kayaking, guitar and his 3 cats.

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Is there an index to the historical which I missed? If not there should be one. I like to see which topics were covered without going through everything. I was looking for Gr Pt stuff.
CW if you ever want me to review any of your papers before their release I would be happy to do so.
Joe Z skk2u4

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