Update: Greenwich Point Observation Tower

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There's been a new development in the story about the observation tower at Greenwich Point, as reported by Frank MacEachern in the Greenwich Time. 


                     SOURCE:   Greenwich Time / Google Commons


The upper section of the tower was greatly damaged and weakened by Hurricane Sandy last fall. Fortunately, the lower section, which houses a bathroom for the staff and contains the telephone and electricity connections foir the booth, is built with cement cinder blocks. The Town decided not to replace the tower section for budgetary reasons. The Greenwich Point Conservancy president, Chris Franco, agreed with the town, stating the structure was not as historically important as other buildings.  Greenwich resident Jim Reilly disagrees, and stated in a letter to the editor of a local weekly paper that the entire town should have had a say in the decision.

Frank MacEachern also established the dates that the Police Department sub-station operated. According to the reporter, Lt. Tom Keegan stated that the police were there for 6 to 7 years, but the structure fell into disrepair and it was no longer used for a station after 2008. Besides, beach access by non-residents became less of an issue, and Police presence was not as necessary. Officers were reassigned to perform other duties.


REMINDER:  "The Communities and Neighborhoods of Greenwich"        Saturday    May 4th    2PM      Greenwich Library


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