Unsolved Murders in Greenwich

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At one time, Greenwich had the dubious distinction of having 4 unsolved murders.
Probably the most famous was the Martha Moxley case of 1975.  This was followed by the Carrie Lee Mock case of 1981, the Matthew Margolies case in 1984 and the Mary Capozza case in 1987.  The Andrew Kissell murder was a mystery for a while, but a jury found Kissell's driver, Carlos Trujillo, guilty and he is serving a 6-year prison term with 3 years time served while awaiting trial.


The Martha Moxley case was "solved" in 2002 as Michael Skakel was found guilty based on circumstantial evidence. Skakel had been a neighbor and was one of the last people to be seen with her.  His brother, Thomas Skakel and a live-in tutor, Jeffrey Littlefield, had also spent time with her separately.  Skakel admitted to taking drugs and drinking alcohol that night, but claimed he didn't remember killing her. Former students at Elan School in New England - a school for troubled youth - claimed Skakel admitted killing Moxley in a group session, but their testimony was challenged by the defense lawyers, who said the people who testified had a history of taking drugs.  their memories could be tainted.  During an appeal hearing, Skakel tried to introduce evidence to implicate 3 other men, including NBA great Kobe Bryant's cousin, Tony "Gitano" Bryant, since they were in the neighborhood that night.  His appeal failed. Author Timothy Dumas wrote a book based on the true life case titled "Greentown:Murder and Mystery in Greenwich, America's Wealthiest Town".  He concluded Michael was the murderer.  Skakel is currently serving 20 years to life in prison.


The body of Carrie Lee Mock, a 36-year-old mother from Stamford, was found on the grounds of Brunswick School on July 19, 1981.  She was last seen at a social club on Richmond Hill in Stamford around midnight the night before.  She left behind a 12-year-old daughter.  Greenwich Police have recently re-opened the "cold case" in the hopes they can find the murderer.

One of the most perplexing cases is the murder of 13-year-old Matthew Margolies around August 31, 1984. Matthew was an avid fisherman who liked to fish the Byram River.  He was last seen alive near the intersection of Pemberwick Road and Comly Avenue.  When Matthew didn't come home, his mother notified police, who combed much of the Pemberwick Road and Byram River area.  It was not until Fred Lambert, a volunteer fireman, returned home from a trip, and searched the area himself that Matthew's body was found. He had been stabbed multiple times with a knife found at the scene and asphyxiated. There were reports that the fishing pole his grandfather had given him was missing. Police eventually found the rod.  Another boy claimed Matthew had sold him the rod, but Matthew's mother doubts he would have sold an item so close to his heart.  To this day, no one has been accused of his death.


Mary Capozza disappeared from her Byram Shore Road home in early December 1987.  Her body was eventually found in Kensico (Westchester) Reservoir. It had been placed in a duffle bag.  About $15,000 was raised as a reward leading to the apprehension of the killer.  Police never found out who was responsible for her mysterious death. 



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