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"The Simon & Kirby Library: Horror"

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Hot off the heels of their last collection of classic comics by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby (reviewed here), Titan Books has released another volume of vintage S&K stories.


ANNILATION.pngThe first installment of Jeff VanderMeer's "Southern Reach Trilogy", Annihilation is a solid, riveting thriller that will leave you breathless by the last page.  (Click here to reserve our copy.)


Just in time to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of Bob Kane and  Bill Finger's famous caped  crusader is this terrific long-overdue collection, Batman: The Silver Age Newspaper Comics.  The first of three projected books by IDW that will cover the 1966-72 newspaper strip based on the Batman comics, this volume covers the period between May 29th, 1966-December 31st, 1967. 


Boy, do I got a cult film candidate for you!  Hammer Films' bizarre, almost insane mashup of their horror films and the then popular kung fu  craze , 1974's The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, is one of the most outlandish but strangely entertaining films they ever produced.  (Click here to reserve our copy.)


The next installment of Greenwich Library's Cult Films program will be on Wednesday, September 10th at 6:30 pm in the second floor meeting room.  In celebration of it's fiftieth anniversary, we'll be showing the 1964 James Bond 007 thriller Goldfinger

Starring Sean Connery as Bond, with Honor Blackman, Gert Frobe and Harold Sakata, this was the film that unleashed Bondmania (and the secret agent craze) onto the public during the sixties. 

An overview of this film will be  in a future post. Meanwhile, here's the trailer:

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With Greenwich Library and other libraries celebrating Batman Day this Saturday, July 26th (click here for details), it's time to take a look back at how the Caped Crusader (as he was called in the pre-"Dark Knight" days) first burst out of comics into the public limelight. 


taintthemeat.pngWith Free Comic Book Day occurring this Saturday, I took a look at our graphic library  collection (which is all over the place; fiction, humor, young adult, etc.) and remembered this recent collection of great horror comic stories by the terrific artist Jack Davis. 

'Tain't The Meat...It's The Humanity And Other Stories Illustrated By Jack Davis is a collection of several  stories the artist illustrated for EC Comics' Tales From The Crypt magazine between 1951-55.


"The Krotons", which originally aired on the BBC as a four part serial in black and white between December 28th, 1968- January 18th, 1969, is now available from Greenwich Library as a single disc DVD.  Click here to reserve our copy.


LONGEARTH.pngImagine finding out that there are millions of parallel Earths in various states of evolution that you can visit or settle down at, using a device called a "stepper". 





Simon&KirbySF.pngLast year Titan Books published The Simon & Kurby Library: Science Fiction, a fantastic collection of comics by the writer/artist team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. 


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