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Just in time for Halloween, the next installment of Greenwich Library's Cult Films program will present the 2013 film You're Next on October 16th at 6:30 pm in the Meeting Room.  This very violent but stylish thriller (NOT for kids) is rated R and runs about 95 minutes.  Below is the original  trailer for the film that came out in August of last  year:

Watch this space for more updates about the event.  And check out the Cult Films page too!

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Greenwich Library Cult Films, our new series of programs devoted to bringing various classic movies from Hollywood, Europe and the rest of the world that have continued to entertain audiences and influence new film makers, returns WEDNESDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 10th at 6:30 PM. We'll be showing the 1964 James Bond 007 film "Goldfinger" starring Sean Connery as Bond.

This was the third official 007 installment in the popular series, released fifty years ago this month in Europe. (The film reached American shores three months later.) First time Bond director Guy Hamilton, working from a tight script by Richard Maibaum and Paul Dehn, does a great job mixing suspense and humor, without descending into broad comedy.

And the cast! Sean Connery (my favorite Bond!) is at his most confident and assured, tossing off one-liners and punches without breaking a sweat. Gert Frobe as Goldfinger and Harold Sakata as Oddjob are outstanding as the main villains while Honor Blackman makes the most of her role as pilot Pussy Galore. Note Shirley Eaton's brief but memorable performance as Jill Masterson, who receives a rather bizarre fate at the hands of Oddjob.

This is the Bond film that kicked off the 60s spy mania. There are gadgets galore, including the classic Aston Martin DB5 with its various functions (don't press that red button!). The production design of the film, including the fantastic Fort Knox set, is breathtaking! Composer John Barry created a unforgettable score and theme song, the latter belted out in style by Shirley Bassey!

The program begins at 6:30 pm (note time) in the second floor meeting room. The film runs 111 minutes and is in color. Rated (more or less) PG.

Check out my blog or Twitter account for updates and schedule changes. I usually begin each screening with a brief discussion of the film's production and its influence over the decades. Both film buffs and ingénues are welcome. Hope you can join us! And check out our future upcoming films by clicking here.

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The next installment of Greenwich Library's Cult Films program will be on Wednesday, September 10th at 6:30 pm in the second floor meeting room.  In celebration of it's fiftieth anniversary, we'll be showing the 1964 James Bond 007 thriller Goldfinger

Starring Sean Connery as Bond, with Honor Blackman, Gert Frobe and Harold Sakata, this was the film that unleashed Bondmania (and the secret agent craze) onto the public during the sixties. 

An overview of this film will be  in a future post. Meanwhile, here's the trailer:

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Greenwich Library Cult Films, our  series of programs devoted to bringing various classic movies from Hollywood, Europe and the rest of the world that have continued to entertain audiences and influence new film makers, returns Thursday night, August 14th at 6:00 PM.  We'll be showing the 1969 James Bond 007 film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", starring George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, and Telly Savalas.  


Next Month's Cult Films Selection Will Be....

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1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  It'll be shown on August 14th beginning at 6:00 PM in the library's meeting room.  Details here. I wrote about the film here some time back.

More to follow.

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QMOVIE.pngOn July 17th, beginning at 6:00 pm in the second floor meeting room, Greenwich Library Cult Films will present Quadrophenia.  This 1979 British film, based on the Who's classic 1973 rock opera (the band also produced the movie) and directed by Franc Roddham (The Lords of Discipline; The Bride), is a powerful portrait of teenage angst.

Here's a trailer for the film:

Set in mid-sixties England, Quadrophenia focuses on Jimmy (Phil Daniels), a teenaged Mod still living with his parents and working a dead end job.  Like the protagonist of 1960's  Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and other classic British working class films of the late 50s/early 60s, Jimmy works off his frustration by joining other Mods (including Ace, played by Sting!) in doing drugs, partying, listening to the Who, and getting into rumbles with the rival  Rockers gang. 

But after a confrontation with the Rockers in Brighton, things  start going way out of control for Jimmy. Unable to cope, Jimmy ultimately commits a drastic act that will impact his life forever....

The title was devised by Who guitarist & main songwriter Pete Townshend, who combined the various different personalities of himself and the other band members to form the character of Jimmy.  Jimmy fancies himself as a tough guy (like Who lead singer Roger Daltrey), a romantic (bassist John Entwistle), a "bloody lunatic" (legendary manic drummer Keith Moon), and a "beggar/hypocrite" (Townshend).  With all those personality traits, it's not hard to see Jimmy's dilemma in dealing with life around him.

The film features tracks from the Who's original album (played in the background rather effectively; especially with the "5:15" sequence), terrific supporting performances by a mostly unknown cast, and runs about 2 hours.  Hence the early starting time on Thursday night.  Oh, and it's rated  R for violence, language and some (male and female) nudity.  But don't let that stop you from enjoying this very timeless look at the pains and joys of life from a teen age perspective.

You can reserve the original album from us on CD here.  And see what's coming up from Cult Films next month by going to our webpage here

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kniefinwater.pngGreenwich Library Cult Films returns Thursday night, June 12th, at 7:00 pm,with a screening of director Roman Polanski's first full length movie, 1962's Knife In The Water . This is a compelling and sexually provocative thriller which will stay in your thoughts long after the movie ends.

The plot concerns a married couple, Andrzej (Leon Niemezyk) and his much younger wife Krystyna (Jolanta Umecka),  who invite a young hitchhiker (Zygmunt Malanowicz) to join them on a sailing trip.  What could go wrong?

Tensions build up between Andrzej and the younger man over Krystyna. And when Andrzej loses the hitchhiker's  favorite pocket knife, that's when you-know-what really hits the fan!

Filmed in black and white and in Polish with English subtitles, Knife benefits from not only good performances from the three leads, but also some stunning cinematography by Jerzy Lipman and a very cool Jazz musical soundtrack from Krzysztof T. Komeda.  Polanski also co-wrote the script Jerzy Skolimowski and Jakub Goldberg.

Interested? Come by the Meeting Room on June 12th. You'll be very happy you did. And find out what films we'll be showing in the coming months here.

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After a one month hiatus, Greenwich Library Cult Films returns Thursday May 15th (details here) with a showing of director Tim Burton's 1994 classic Ed Wood.  This black and white homage to the so called "worst director of all time" , Edward D. Wood Jr. (1924-1978), may play fast and loose with the facts, but it's a genuinely affectionate -and funny!- look at the man and some of his better known productions.

The film takes place during the mid 1950s when Wood (Johnny Depp, who's good but seems to be channeling Jon Lovitz), an unemployed screenwriter and failed playwright, attempts to secure financial backing and major studio recognition for his films.  Along the way, he befriends a variety of bizarre,  eccentric Hollywood types, including Bunny Breckinridge (a droll, camped-up Bill Murray), TV horror movie hostess Vampira (Lisa Marie), the fake medium (and popular television personality) Criswell (Jeffrey Jones), and down-at-his-luck faded film star Bela Lugosi (Martin Landau, whose sincere and sometimes amusing  performance in this film  won him the 1994 Best Supporting Actor Oscar).  Meanwhile Wood  also struggles with keeping his secret desire to wear women's clothing from girlfriend Dolores Fuller (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Director Burton, working from both the screenplay by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, and Rudolpf Grey's  book on Wood, Nightmare of Ecstasy, guides the film along in a leisurely manner.  Burton touches on the various mishaps and situations Wood and his friends endured while making three of his best known films, Glen or Glenda, Bride of the Monster, and the immortal Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Solid  support from the cast, plus nice supporting bits by Patricia Arquette, Stanley DeSantis, Mike Starr, and a dubbed Vincent D'Onofrio (as Orson Welles!), make Ed Wood the movie an entertaining pleasure  from start to finish. (It's also probably the last Burton film to have a coherent storyline, I think.)

Ed Wood will be shown in the second floor Meeting Room on Thursday May 15th beginning at 6:00 pm.  It's 127 minutes long, is rated R (mostly for language), and was filmed in black and white.  Yours truly will  start the program with a brief discussion of the film and it's main subject.  If you're into unappreciated little gems, like Ed Wood, this is for you.

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Mark May 15th on your calendars.  That's when the long awaited second installment of Greenwich Library's Cult Films program will show director Tim Burton's 1994 film Ed Wood, starring Johnny Depp and Martin Landau.  Here's a link to the program's description and below is the trailer for the film.  More to follow, so watch this space!

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Upcoming Programs

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Just some updates  on programs I'm working on here at the library:

The Next Chapter Book Club will have it's next meeting on Wednesday, April 2nd at 5:30 pm on the second floor. Details here.  And check out our webpage here

I'm helping out with the library's Student Leadership Council (Student Leaders) teen advisory group.  Their next meeting is on Thursday night, April 3rd, at 7:00 pm.  Details here.  If you or someone you know is a student in grades 7-12 who's looking to improve library services for your peers and/or you also want community service credit, stop by.  More details here.

(BTW The Next Chapter Book Club is also looking for student volunteers. Click here if you're interested.)

Greenwich Library Cult Films returns on May 15th with a showing of the 1994 film Ed Wood, starring Johnny Depp. Check out our webpage here.

More updates to come.

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