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"Ed's Blog" is overseen by staff librarian Ed Morrissey. The somewhat diverse focus of the blog will be on news and links of interest to persons with disabilities, the Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror genres, Beat Literature, and classic and cult television shows from the 50s to the present. Suggestions and correspondence regarding the blog can be sent to Ed and will be kept confidential at the writer's request.

Ed Morrissey has worked as a Reference Librarian since 1996. Besides overseeing library services for the disabled, his interests include Beat literature, science fiction, graphic novels, garage rock, spy movies from the 60s and spaghetti westerns. Ed considers Phil Silvers' "Sgt. Bilko" character the finest role model he ever had in his youth.

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Hi. Did you know that becoming an expert user of Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, which assists people with disabilities, might help disabled people get a job?

I was writing a review of this software and wanted to understand why it is so popular - it is because the company, Nuance that developed it has focused on two industries: Medical and Legal. They also have Home, Premium, and Professional versions priced accordingly.

They have modules specifically with the vocabulary for legal and medical businesses. You may learn Dragon Software at home, then branch out into the medical or legal area of your job search by adding Dragon Speech recognition to your resume. If the law firm or practice does not have it, you can offer services to install and teach others to use it. It is a powerful piece of software that saves time, adds uniformity for office forms / documents, and differentiates a disabled person when applying for jobs.

It can open doors for disabled persons very easily - there are self-paced training videos and online PDF user's manual with practice exercises.

Josh Tanner

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