" 'Tain't The Meat... It's The Humanity! And Other Stories Illustrated By Jack Davis"

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taintthemeat.pngWith Free Comic Book Day occurring this Saturday, I took a look at our graphic library  collection (which is all over the place; fiction, humor, young adult, etc.) and remembered this recent collection of great horror comic stories by the terrific artist Jack Davis. 

'Tain't The Meat...It's The Humanity And Other Stories Illustrated By Jack Davis is a collection of several  stories the artist illustrated for EC Comics' Tales From The Crypt magazine between 1951-55.

 Written mostly by the recently deceased EC editor Al Feldstein, as well as Otto Binder (the original 1940's Captain Marvel; Superman) and Carl Wessler, the stories are cleverly constructed fairy tales with shock endings.  

You'll get ghouls, mummies, vampires, werewolves, an obvious Frankenstein knock off ("Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall"), a tale "inspired" by Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Body Snatcher" ("Bargain In Death!"), plus the usual married couples and business partners who get sick of each other and resort to murder. 

But there's real wit and imagination in such jokey titled stories as "Fare Tonight, Followed By Increasing Clottyness" ( a cab driver picks up a possible vampire), "Grounds...For Horror!" (a mistreated boy's "imaginary" friend starts pushing back against the kid's cruel step-father), and the bizarre "Tight Grip" (a steamer trunk with a will of it's own gets revenge for the murder of its owner). 

And of course there's the story the book takes it's title from, ""Tain't The Meat..."  That's the one where a small town butcher makes the horrifying mistake of serving tainted meat to the community while selling the good stuff for more profit during World War II.  Davis' depiction of the town's citizens and his attention to detail give Feldstein's gruesome script real, um, meat. 

Click here to reserve our copy. And enjoy Free Comic Book day!

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