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LONGEARTH.pngImagine finding out that there are millions of parallel Earths in various states of evolution that you can visit or settle down at, using a device called a "stepper". 





The ADA Coalition Of Connecticut

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ADACC.pngThe ADA Coalition of Connecticut, located in Hartford, is the state affiliate of the New England ADA & Accessible Information Technology Center.  The ADACC promotes compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act through their website and workshops. 

These workshops are, for a fee, set up to train towns, school systems, private businesses, and others on what the ADA entails,  For mor info, check out the ADACC's website here.

(Folow me on Twitter, where you can also read this disturbing report on politicians blocking the UN's Disabilities treaty.)


Simon&KirbySF.pngLast year Titan Books published The Simon & Kurby Library: Science Fiction, a fantastic collection of comics by the writer/artist team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. 


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