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DjangoOne.pngWatch this space for a forthcoming announcement regarding the library's showing of  the classic 1966 western Django in March.  I'll be reviewing and discussing cult films like Django on the blog in connection with said event and it's future installments.

Meanwhile, here's something to keep you in suspense (well, kinda):


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GoogleGlass.pngClaire Cain MIller in today's New York Times reports that VSP, the country's top optical health insurance provider, and Google "have struck a deal to offer subsidized frames and prescription lenes for Google Glass, the Internet-connected eyewear".

Is this development signaling the beginning of insurance companies in general offering coverage for weable devices that access the Internet?  Especially if these devices actually improve customers' health?  See what the article has to say about this and other factors by clicking here.

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JOHNCATEROFMARS.pngFinally,nearly two years  after I started rereading Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian novels, and almost a year after posting my review of the tenth installment of the series, Llana of Gathol, here's my review of the the eleventh book, John Carter of Mars.


CHILDCARE.pngCourtesy of the United Way, here's a nifty online form that allows you to find the best programs for children with special needs.  The Advanced Search function allows parents and guardians to find  child care programs in Connecticut that suit their children's needs. Click here to access it.

I did a few searches  based on various criteria (age, type of program, special needs, etc.) and got prompt results. 

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