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STEPPINGSTONES.pngOne of my colleagues (thanks CT!) pointed out that the latest online newsletter from the town's Department of Parks & Recreation has listed two "special recreation" activities for young children, teens and adults with special needs.

"There is a new social recreation opportunity for young adults ages 18-25 with mental health challenges including addiction.  The program is sponsored by the Greenwich Department of Social Services and DMHAS.  For more information, click here. "

And there's this great activity for kids:

"Stepping Stones Museum has free admission several times each month on Saturdays for families who have members with special needs."

Both sound like a lot of fun!

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BBCAmerica has posted a couple of videos that are tied in with today's 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.  Here's "The Night of the Doctor": 


And here's "The Last Day", which features a really frightening climax:



Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor fans! Be sure to check out our collection of Doctor Who episodes on DVD here.   

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"Ask Not" by Max Allan Collins

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ASKNOT.pngPrivate eye Nate Heller is back in Max Allan Collins' latest thriller, Ask Not, the immediate sequel to his two previous thrillers Bye Bye, Baby and Target Lancer (both reviewed by me here and here.)


ADAPAGETODAY.pngIn our continuing efforts to provide better service to patrons with disabilities, my colleagues (thanks gang!) and I have slightly tweaked the library's ADA Page (click here to access it).  Now the name, phone number and email link of the ADA Librarian (um,me) can be found on top of that page (see above picture) so nobody has to scroll all the way down to the bottom. Especially if they're in a hurry.

I can also be emailed here as well. So if you need any kind of assistance or want to suggest or comment on anything here at the library that affects you or someone you know with a  disability, let me know.  (And yeah, we're working on texting.)  Thanks.

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Doctor Who: "The Five Doctors" (1983)

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FIVEDOCTORS.pngFirst airing November 23th, 1983 in America, "The Five Doctors" was the (then) twentieth anniversary special episode, of Doctor Who. Running about 90 minutes, this atypical installment (it wasn't serialized like other episodes)  gathered up the surviving cast members of previous years to appear alongside the then current Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison, who replaced Tom Baker as the Doctor in 1981), in a kind of patched together, but entertaining, story.



"Target Lancer" by Max Allan Collins

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TARGETLANCER.pngJust in time (though it was published last year) to mark the anniversary of one of this country's worst tragedies  is Max Allan Collins' latest historical mystery novel, Target Lancer.  (Click here to reserve our copy.) 


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