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OBAMACARE.pngWith the Affordable Care Act (AKA "Obamacare") taking effect in October 1st, Consumer Reports has set up a website called Health Law Helper which can assist people who have questions about the ACA. Click here to access it. 

The US Goverment also has a site to assist people in understanding the act at,  which you can go to here.  Check also this page on the site to find out how the ACA affects you.

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PLANETSPIDERS.pngThe last storyline to star Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor (though he'd return briefly to the role in 1983's "The Five Doctors" ), "Planet of the Spiders" , which aired on the BBC as a six part serial in May-June 1974, is an okay finale to the actor's five year run on Doctor Who.  (Find the two-disc DVD set of this serial on our catalog by clicking here.)



wheelathon.pngThe Center for Disability Rights is holding their annual "Wheel-A-Thon" on Sunday, September  22nd, 9am -noon,at the Savin Rock Conference Center in West Haven. The Wheel-A-Thon is held to raise "awareness of barriers in the community that prevent the inclusion of people with disabilities in the everyday life of their community".  (The preceeding was quoted from this article here.)

If you'd like to take part or contribute in some way, click here to find out more about the event.

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ADA Page Update

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ADAPROGRAMS.pngCheck out the online calendar on the library's ADA Page here for upcoming events. More information about this series of programs will be forthcoming on this blog. So watch this space.

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