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EmptyMirror.pngFans of Beat Generation literature will get a kick out out of the "Empty Mirror" website, which colleague WC brought to my attention. This site's focus is on "books, the arts & the beat generation" but also includes coverage, reviews and interviews with like-minded scholars, writers and artists as well. 

There's reviews and essays, online visual art exhibits, tips on book collecting, and of course, stuff on  the Beat Generation, and more specifically, Jack Kerouac himself. For more on what the site has to offer, click here

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ClearView+.png(Full disclosure: I have not been paid a fee or have received any form of remuneration from the Optelec company, nor do I expect or want any. This post is for informational purposes only.)

Optelec now offers a new video magnifier to persons with visual and auditory disabilities  that also can read aloud printed documents (newspapers, books, business contracts, etc.).  It's called the Optelec ClearView+ Speech and according to the company's website:

The ClearView+ Speech combines video magnification and accurate text-to-speech that makes it easy to select what you want to read. It allows you to enlarge materials to a more comfortable size or change the high contrast viewing modes with one master dial. To activate the Speech feature, just simply touch the screen and instantly enjoy listening to articles, letters and books with a natural sounding voice and full page overview.

The system runs about $3900, but it looks like it's worth the price.  More details, including a video of the ClearView+ in action, can be found here

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