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ADA0725.pngColleague EB reminded me that this week is the 23rd anniversary of the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  To celebrate, the Justice Department is posting entries all this week on their blog  pointing out successful enforcement of the ADA law. 

You'll read about the Justice Department settling a disability discrimination lawsuit in Erie County, New York , getting the State of New York to ensure that people with mental illness not be required to live in New York City's "large institutional adult homes", and suing the state of Florida over ADA violations involving children with disabilities.  Those who argue that less government (and less federal regulation) is better may want to think otherwise after reading these examples.

Check out the blog, which will be updated all week by clicking here & here.

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EyeStemCell.pngWG found this Cleveland Leader article by Julie Kent on how embryonic stem cells may be used to restore sight to the blind.  Scientists at the University College of London's Institute of Ophthalmology & Moorfields Eye Hospital, using blind mice, were able to grow light senstitive retinal cells grown from stem cells to restore sight. 

Human trials won't be for a while, however.  For more, read the article here.

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DrWhoTheBeginning.pngContinuing coverage of the classic BBC science fiction/adventure television series Doctor Who and its 50th anniversary, this post will focus on the Doctor Who: The Beginning 3 disc DVD set.  (Find it on our catalog by clicking here.)


Telescopic Contact lens.pngMy colleague WG found this very informative article by Gizmag's Brian Dodson about a group of researchers that have devised a telescopic conract lens that can help adults with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  Professor Jack Ford led a group of researchers in developing a prototype lens that can "offer AND patients a relatively unobtrusive way to enhance their vision" by magnifying their vision to see objects and people more clearly. 

The illustration above gives an idea of how the lens works.  Professor Ford and his team are working on an improved version of the lens.  For more info about this remarkable breakthrough, click here.   

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