Doctor Who: "The Three Doctors" (1973)

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DoctorWhoThreeDoctors.pngFrom 1973, "The Three Doctors" was intended to celebrate the (at the time) tenth anniversary of the Doctor Who series.  The four part serial managed to pair up the then-current Doctor, Jon Pertwee, with the two previous actors associated with the role: William Harnell who played the role from the show's beginning in 1963, and Patrick Troughton, who succeeded Hartnell in 1966 (and who in turn was replaced by Pertwee in 1970).


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A strange energy blob shows up in England, gobbling up people and objects, and is after the Doctor (Pertwee, remember?)  Meanwhile the Time Lords back on the planet Gallifrey are finding their energy being sucked away by a black hole.  Realizing both situations are related, the Time Lords contact the Doctor and send his two previous incarnations (Hartnell and Thoughton) to assist him.  (Thoughton gets to work alongside Pertwee, but ill health forced Hartnell's scenes to be filmed separately; his Doctor is only seen on a television viewscreen in the TARDIS.)

Eventually the Doctors trace the source of the blob and the black hole to an anti-matter universe run by an insane former Time Lord, Omega, who wants revenge on his people, and wants the Doctors to keep him company. 

Lots of fun, with some great lines (Hartnell, upon seeing Thoughton and Pertwee,refers to the two of them as "a clown and a dandy"), good performances by the stars plus regulars Katy Manning (Jo), John Levene (Sergeant Benton) and Nicholas Courtney (UNIT head Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, who has a priceless reaction when realizing there's more than one Doctor). Add a suspenseful script and a nice surprise for the Doctor in the last scene, and "The Three Doctors" is essential viewing for fans!

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