Doctor Who: "Day of the Daleks" (1972)

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DoctorWhoDayOfDaleks.pngGiven that there's been a TARDIS depicted in this blog's header since I began posting entries, I'm finally getting around to watching the various Doctor Who DVD sets we carry in the library.  Up first for review is the four part serial "Day of the Daleks" from 1972, starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.

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Shot in color and on video tape and film, "Day of the Daleks" has The Doctor and his UNIT colleagues Jo Grant (Katy Manning) and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (the unflappable Nicholas Courtney) investigate strange goings-on at a British diplomat's country estate.  Seems a ghost dressed like a solidier with a strange gun keeps popping in and out. 

Subsequent events reveal that the diplomat, Sir Reginald Styles, has been targeted by rebels from the 22nd century.  Some sort of event at an important summit conference at the estate will result in a world war -and a future Earth controlled by The Doctor's old enemies,.the Daleks

Needless to say, The Doctor and Jo, not to mention the Daleks and the rebels, travel back and forth in time trying to take out/work with each other.  It's actually not at all confusing, and sequences like the Dalek attack on Styles' estate are very exciting and suspenseful. (Fans are advised to ignore various time paradoxes that pop up throughout the serial.) 

Jon Pertwee is his usual authoritative, cranky, but likable self (although his fight scenes are kind of unconvincing), and the supporting cast is fine as well.  Continuity with previous episodes is maintained as well (images of the two then recent Doctors, William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton, pop up in one scene). And who could NOT love those fiendish Daleks? 

Lots of fun, with extras featuring interviews, photos, etc.,on the serial included in this two-disc set.   So check out "Day of the Daleks".  You won't be sorry. 

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