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DoctorWhoThreeDoctors.pngFrom 1973, "The Three Doctors" was intended to celebrate the (at the time) tenth anniversary of the Doctor Who series.  The four part serial managed to pair up the then-current Doctor, Jon Pertwee, with the two previous actors associated with the role: William Harnell who played the role from the show's beginning in 1963, and Patrick Troughton, who succeeded Hartnell in 1966 (and who in turn was replaced by Pertwee in 1970).


DoctorWhoTalons.pngFrom 1977, "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" finds the Doctor (Tom Baker, the fourth actor to play the character in the series) and companion Leela (Louise Jameson) time-travelling via the TARDIS to Victorian London. Originally there to take in some theatre, our protagonists quickly run into trouble...


DoctorWhoDayOfDaleks.pngGiven that there's been a TARDIS depicted in this blog's header since I began posting entries, I'm finally getting around to watching the various Doctor Who DVD sets we carry in the library.  Up first for review is the four part serial "Day of the Daleks" from 1972, starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.


EyeEar.pngSome recent developments in aiding people with visual and auditory disabilities have been brought to my attention by fellow staffer WG.  In no particular order, here they are:

*  The FDA approved a new drug last month to treat patients with multiple sclerois.

*  The FDA also approved use of an "artificial retina" (or bionic eye, if you prefer).   

New eye drops can help prevent macular degeneration.

*  And out of Germany, there's news of an "innovative hearing aid"  that can better assist persons hard of hearing. 

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