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SkyfallAmazon.pngSPOILER ALERTIf you haven't yet watched Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007, then don't read the following until you do.  Lots of stuff  mentioned here will reveal some major plot twists and reading this post may spoil the viewing of the film for you.  You've been warned!




As I hope I made clear in yesterday's post, the most recent James Bond 007 film Skyfall (click here to reserve a copy from us), is an exciting and entertaining entry in the long running series.  Still, there's a few nits to pick about the movie I didn't have room to discuss.  Like the following:

Why is M and her office staff monitoring Bond and Eve during their Istanbul mission? That's not the usual SOP in these films. 

How did Bond survive not being drowned after getting shot by Eve?

How did MI6 miss the bullet fragments in Bond's body?

M makes a lot of questionable decisions.  Like insisting on staying on the job and endangering the lives of those around her for example.  The results include damage to the London Underground, security committee members and various cops getting killed, and oh yeah, getting killed herself. 

When poor Serverine gets killed, Bond doesn't even bat an eye.  Not even a Connery-like scowl at Silva. 

The informative commentary track with Sam Mendes on the DVD/Blu Ray is recommended for listening, as some of these details are explained.  The track is also good for other gems of information, like whose house they used as M's, why they focused on the later Bond novels by Fleming, and the real significance of the final scenes with the new M, Eve and Bond.  Mendes makes the film's narrative much more clearer.

Here's hoping the next film in the series will build on Skyfall's foundations. 

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