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Further Thoughts On "Skyfall"

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SkyfallAmazon.pngSPOILER ALERTIf you haven't yet watched Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007, then don't read the following until you do.  Lots of stuff  mentioned here will reveal some major plot twists and reading this post may spoil the viewing of the film for you.  You've been warned!





"Skyfall" (2012)

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SkyfallDVD.pngAfter being absent from the movie screens for four years, Daniel Craig returns as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 in 2012's Skyfall, the 23rd official installment of the long running (FIFTY YEARS!) series.  (Click here to reserve one of our copies.)


LLanaofGathol.pngApologies for taking more than four months to post this review of the tenth and penultimate installment of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom (Mars to you and me) series, 1948's Llana of Gathol, after my entry on the previous novel, Synthetic Men of Mars came out.  No, Llana  wasn't a tough read.  Anything but.





Askgreenwichlibrary.pngFour years ago, in this blog post, I mentioned that the library has an email service for patrons who can't come into the library to ask a reference question or two.  This service was set up so patrons, especially those with disabilities (as well as working professionals and others "on the run"), could get in touch with the library without any difficulty. 

Well, the service is still up and if you have any queries you need answers to, just head here.   Lately, we've been getting more requests for Inter Library Loans (which only apply to books, not other materials like CDs and DVDs), but you can also email us other questions/requests if you have any. 

(Follow me on Twitter. And yeah, you can tweet me a request or question there if you like.  It'll be strictly confidential.)


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