"Doctor No" by Ian Fleming

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DRNO.pngFrom 1958, Doctor No by Ian Fleming, the sixth recorded adventure of British Secret Service Agent James Bond 007.  (Click here to reserve our copy.)  

Bond, having fully recovered after nearly being  killed in the previous novel, From Russia, With Love. is given a "soft" assignment by his boss M to lead an  investigation into the mysterious disappearance of  a former colleague, Strangways (last seen in Live And Let Die), and his secretary in Jamaica. Subsequently doging several attempts on his life, Bond discovers that a local guano mine owner, the half Chinese, half German Doctor Juilus No may have been responsible for the missing duo.   

With the aid of another colleague (also from Live And Let Die) Quarrel, Bond heads to the eerie and mysterious Crab Key, No's island hideaway.  There the two men meet gorgeous (even with a broken nose!) nature child Honeychile Rider, who picked the wrong day to go collect sea shells on Crab Key.

Bond soon  discovers that the disappearance of Strangways and his secretary were arranged by Doctor No, after they had discovered that he (No) was working with the Russians to sabotage American missile tests at Cape Canaveral.  Doctor No doesn't plan on Bond escaping from the island with that knowledge, however....

A fun, semi-serious outing after the last novel (the title villain was Fleming's send up of Sax Rohmer's Dr. Fu Manchu), Doctor No won't disappoint fans. Depite it's pulp fiction overtones and lacking the sense of plot development from the last novel (which focused as much on the antagonists' motivations as it did Bond's), the book still offers some nice character bits, such as Bond holding back his anger against M for being assigned a seemingly worthless job, Doctor No's chilling speech to Bond during their dinner together, and the friendship between Bond and Quarrel.

And of course, there's those various attempts on Bond's life while in Jamaica and Crab Key; poisoned fruit, a centipede in his bed, a bizarre obstacle course on No's island, etc.  It all leads to an exciting, nerve-wracking climax you won't forget.  Check out Doctor No for first rate excitement.   

Up next:  Goldfinger!

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