Oliver Sacks For The Print Disabled

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PrintDisabled.pngA colleague referred me to a recent New York Times Book Review essay by Oliver Sacks on how he and other print disabled people must adapt to new ways of accessing books, articles, and other writings. Dr. Sacks makes the compelling case, including using examples of patients who found ways to deal with being unable to read, that all books "should be accessible in as many formats as possible" for persons forced by various circumstances (like loss of vision) to seek out alternative ways of reading. 

You can read the article here.  I especially liked Dr. Sacks' rationale about large print and braille books, and why they should be made easier to find. (Thanks SS!)

Greenwich Library has and will continue to offer services such as large print books, ebooks and audiobooks to those who are print disabled.  We also offer access, via the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, to braille and audio materials/downloads.  Go to our Library for the Print Disabled page here to find out more information on what we can offer.  And be sure to check out our online ADA page  for other services. 

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