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LIVEANDLETDIE.pngAs various media outlets are observing that 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the James Bond 007 film series, I thought I'd do my part and focus on the original Ian Fleming novels that influenced the movies.  Since I already covered the first book in the literary series, 1953's Casino Royale, six years ago (click here to read it), I'll start with the second installment, 1954's Live And Let Die. (Which you can reserve online here.) 



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Esight.org.pngHere's another site that offers assistance to job hunters with disabilities:  Esight.org.  The site offers job postings, advice on resumes and cover letters, links to small business resources and other job search tools.  Though their web page is still "under construction", they seem to be up and running.  Check out more about Esight.org by clicking here

syntheticmenofmars.pngNine installments in, and Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian novels have yet to let me down in terms of quality and imagination.  The current one at hand, Synthetic Men of Mars, published as a six-part serial in 1939 and collected in book form a year later, maintains the consistent quality of the previous entries.  (Click here to reserve our copy;  the cover depicted above is from my wellworn 1974 edition.) 


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