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Last week I did two posts on our updated JAWS and MAGic software.  I want to add that our SARA (Scanning & Reading Appliance) scanner also works with these software products.  

The SARA scanner enables the reading of a wide variety of printed material including books, documents, mail, newspapers, magazines, and so much more, for those with low vision, blind or deaf-blind. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, the SARA works like a computer scanner that recognizes text, translates it into speech, then reads the text aloud.

The SARA is at the first floor Reference Desk.  You can ask someone at the desk (or call me ahead of time so I can set it up) to attach it to the nearby computer that's designated for patrons with disabilities. (It has the JAWS software.)  Below is an instructional video that shows the SARA in use:

If you or someone you know has vision difficulties and you think this software can help, please contact me via this blog or at (203) 622-7918.

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